Al Fareeda Specialist Services offer all aspects of lift maintenance, lift repairs, lift modernization / lift refurbishment and new lift installations throughout UAE. All of the lift engineers and staff working for our lift company are highly skilled, qualified and experienced within the lift industry to ensure we give our customers the very best level of service.

Our Services

    Escalator Maintenance & Servicing

    Service and maintenance on all escalator systems should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are functioning correctly. Ensuring your escalator systems are serviced regularly will undoubtedly reduce the possibility of major repair work in the future and therefore also reduce the cost of running an escalator.

    Our reporting/auditing service will initially identify and highlight any imminent maintenance problems with your escalator systems. From this point onwards Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Service scan cater for all your Maintenance & Serving requirements. Our extensive experience & knowledge allows us to work efficiency throughout the whole project.

    We also adhere to all Health & Safety Regulations and ensure our staff are fully aware of company policies regarding on-site maintenance.

    Major Refurbishments

    From time to time the lifespan of an escalator system does reach its peak and it is at this point that a major refurbishment is needed.

    Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Services will bring you the benefits of new technology to enhance appearance, improve performance and ensure economic operation when performing major refurbishments. Whether it is a basic refurbishment or a major refurbishment, Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Services will work closely with the client to ensure they are fully aware of what work is to be carried out and how best to reduce the disruption within the work place.

    Step Overhaul

    also provides a full step overhaul service, whereby each step is removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled. If a step is damaged we can either repair it or offer the client a replacement. A step overhaul is performed with the least disruption to the place of work and executed with the tightest safety regulations.


    Many of our contacts involve the cleaning of escalators both externally and internally. Over time the dirt that resides within escalators can build up quite rapidly. Unfortunately this dirt can be flammable and thus possess a threat to health & safety regulations. Cleaning the inside and outside of an escalator significantly reduces the risk of fire and promotes a longer life for your escalator.

    A full clean up involves the cleaning of steps, skirting, balustrades, handrails, external & internal mechanisms and finishes with a full inspection.


    Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Services can also perform complete removals of escalators anywhere in Great Britain. The process is extensive and would need to be planned in advance with the client in order to reduce the amount of disruption at the place of work.


    Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Services offers a full handrail service. Whether it be for a new rail, an insert or just a protector repair, our fully trained engineers will attend the site and carry out work efficiently and with minimum disruption.

    We hold in stock 100's of meters of Semperit Handrails to cater for all major escalator manufacturers, following the completion of the repair or renewal process, the rail will be buffed, adjusted and cleaned.


    Modernisation ensures the safety, reliability and comfort of your lift and escalator solutions. It also protects your investment in the long-term. Al Najma Alfareeda replaces whole systems and carries out modernizations, step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. Al Najma Alfareeda can upgrade any installation to meet new passenger requirements and to comply with regulations.

    Give new life to your elevators and escalators. We offer you a complete range of services – from minor improvements in the accessories to full system replacement, either independently or in conjunction with building remodelling or reconstruction. You will enjoy the result immediately and for a long time to come.

    Lift Repairs & Maintenance

    Our organization has been specifically structured to provide the levels of service you would expect from a small local provider whilst providing the high levels of service you would expect of a world leader in the lift and escalator industry.

    Here at AL Najma Al Fareeda Lifts Maintenance we have regional branches throughout the UAE so you have a local lift repair and maintenance advisor on hand who understands your requirements and can react when necessary.

    With the global support of a truly innovative lift and escalator organization we can provide you with a first-class service for all your maintenance and lift repair needs - designing a tailored package to suit your requirements and delivering the level of high quality service that our customers expect.

    AL Najma Al Fareeda specialize in the full maintenance and repair of all types of lifts and associated equipment. We can carry out maintenance and repairs on lifts and escalators from all manufacturers of lift and escalator products. Our informed agents will be able to advise you on the best solution for you based on your specific requirements. All field operations are provided by skilled engineers, certified lift maintenance contractors and trained assistants with qualification levels varying through to NVQ3 and trained to work on all types of units using the latest industry standards and requirements. All operational staff participate in an induction and core training to ensure safe working practices, the subjects include; Manual Handling, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, Work at Height, First Aid & Equal Opportunities; these are all supported by our in-house Health, Safety & Training Manager.

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