We repair and maintain pool and spa filters, pumps, heaters and controls to ensure optimum performance.

Over time, plant room equipment experiences wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We advise clients on the best products and solutions for their plant room and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that they benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Our maintenance team repairs and services gas and oil boilers, heat pumps, de-humidifiers, air handling units. It is essential that all of these appliances are serviced on an annual basis and that all pool technology components are kept in good condition to ensure the smooth running of the pool and to avoid unnecessary faults and premature replacement of parts which can prove costly.

Our heating and electrical contractors are fully qualified and are experienced in working on all swimming pool/spa oil and gas boilers, and all domestic gas boilers. They are also experienced in working with air handling and dehumidifier units. We also carry out sand changes of pool filters. This should be done every three to five years to maintain the required water quality.


Most outdoor pools however tend to be used over the summer months and are becoming increasingly less expensive to run with the use of pool covers and efficient heat sources such as a heat pump.

Al Fareeda Al Najma Specialist Service scan refurbish or construct the swimming pool of your chosen design and size at a competitive price to the highest of standards. We will help you with ideas and designs and provide advice on every aspect of the build, heating options and the most appropriate construction type.


Whether its permanently enclosed environment, a semi open environment or a pool house with doors and windows that can open over the summer months, our expert team can help you.

We can build indoor swimming pools within existing buildings or as part of a new pool house construction working closely with architects if required to design your ideal haven. There are distinct advantages of indoor swimming pools, incuding all year round use and lower heating bills


In the Leisure Club industry, we will reduce the amount of times you have equipment breakdowns and will help to bring down overall running costs. Filters and Pumps, pipe work and valves, Chemical Dosing systems and Water Quality should all be examined for problems/faults and signs of failure on a regular basis. We will ensure that your business does not suffer for any longer than is needed.

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