Both maximizing the usage of your facility and ensuring its continuing safe operations ventilation system maintenance can also help to ensure your system is running as efficiently as it can, offering you cost savings too.

Often with multiple ventilation system maintenance needs, facilities with specialist ventilation systems may often find that they have several systems requiring different testing, maintenance and verification, and meeting different regulatory requirements, all at different times.

Choosing a specialist ventilation company with the skills, knowledge and experience across the range of services that are needed can take the hassle out of your system management while also offering both cost and time savings.

Ventilation System Maintenance – Al Najma Al Fareeda provide ventilation system maintenance, testing and validation expertise across the industries.

The Challenges Associated With Specialist Ventilation System Maintenance Generally found in facilities offering more than one service, manufacturing more than one product, or investigating in more than one process, there are often many types of ventilation system each maintaining different performance standards with different maintenance requirements.

Ventilation system maintenance can also present challenges when considering the down time and the risk of contamination associated with different personnel entering your critical environments.

However, the maintenance of specialist ventilation systems is also a part of a much wider picture, involving regulatory compliance, health and safety, productivity and cost and energy efficiency, and is therefore vital.

When it comes to the maintenance of multiple specialist ventilation systems, many find it a challenge, but this can easily be overcome by choosing a professional company, experienced in every aspect of dealing with specialist ventilation systems – offering mechanical and electrical expertise while also understanding your unique operational needs.

Al Najma Al Fareeda – Meeting Your Ventilation System Maintenance Challenges

Offering a full end to end service, with Al Najma Al Fareeda, your specialist ventilation system maintenance challenges can be met head on, including:

Multiple Systems In One Building

When you have more than one specialist ventilation system within your building, it is likely that there may also be more than one type, from more than one manufacturer.

At AL Najma Al Fareeda, as well as having the experience and qualifications to deal with all specialist ventilation systems, with our contracted service we can also take the worry away from scheduling your testing and your regulatory verification requirements, reminding you whenever these are due.

Multiple Sites with Similar Systems

Even when they have similar systems installed in each, multiple sites present you with a large number of assets to track and schedule for testing and certification.

With Al Najma Al Fareeda, you can rest assured that your systems requirements are scheduled when they’re needed, allowing you to concentrate on your operations.

Adding New Systems

At Al Najma Al Fareeda we take the time to understand your operational requirements, and can advise you on the most effective configuration that also meets your regulatory obligations.

System With Large Number of Assets Each With Own Maintenance Schedule

Even one system requires multiple skills and capabilities to be fully maintained. From testing and electrical fault diagnosis and repair through to mechanical fault diagnosis and repair.

The team at Al Najma Al Fareeda offer both electrical and mechanical services, meaning you can rely on just one company for all of your maintenance requirements.

Contractors Going Into Sensitive Environments

Many specialist ventilation systems are found in environments such as schools, colleges and universities, as well as in hospitals and in healthcare establishments.

The team at Al Najma Al Fareeda have wide ranging experience in all types of workplace.

Multiple Standards Applying to Different System Types

The standards that your systems need to comply with will depend upon your industry and operations.

With the combination of electrical, mechanical and chemical expertise required for a comprehensive maintenance service, Al Najma Al Fareeda are qualified to work to all current industry standards.

Downtime Minimization

Keeping your operation up and running is critical to your business. Regular ventilation system maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and minimize visits and therefore risk of contamination.

With Al Najma Al Fareeda you can choose to work either on an ad hoc basis, or we can create a maintenance contract, personalized to your operational needs.

Keeping Costs Low

If the number of maintenance visits are reduced, so too are your costs. Offering a complete end to end service, Al Najma Al Fareeda can combine inspections with maintenance, and will schedule testing and servicing to ensure break downs are kept to a minimum.

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