Our strategy is to deliver sustainable, profitable growth, and is supported by a focus on key elements:


People are the lifeblood of our business, the single factor that makes the difference between Alfareeda and our peers.

Every year, we make a significant investment in attracting, retaining and developing the best people in the industry at all levels. This ensures that our people have the expertise to do a great job and are motivated to put the client first by carrying out their tasks efficiently and effective


Everything we do is focused on our clients. We are all about service excellence and mark our progress as much by client satisfaction and retention rates as by our own financial performance. Our FM contract retention stands at above 90%. We are working hard to make sure that our track record in all sectors, for all client contracts, reaches those same high standards.

Mitie clients stay with us because we prove our value. Often, our relationships begin with a contract to provide a single service. Then, as the client experiences the value we bring to the business, the relationship evolves into a bundle of services or a fully integrated contract which sees us deliver a raft of different services under a single agreement.

In addition to initiatives such as the Key Accounts programme – which although part of our People strategy also delivers tangible benefits to clients – we strive to create a culture that always puts client focus at the heart of how we work.

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