Building on our core competence of daily office cleaning we offer a fully integrated service.It includes the following services: Complete interior and exterior cleaning services for Government commercial, Residential, Schools, Shopping Malls, hospitals and Industrial properties.

A comprehensive range of cleaning services tailored and designed to assist our customers in providing total cleaning solution.

We will work with you and suggest remedies or improvements as and when they arise. As a result of our rigorous training programs we always aim to exceed the cleaning standards of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. Innovative cleaning methods, using state of the art techniques and equipment are used for effective result. Chemicals are used efficiently througha method of insuring that chemicals are diluted properly through a supplied measuring system or device.Identifying "vulnerable populations" that may be effected by cleaning activities are communicated through Feedback mechanisms.

Cleaning services are customized for Hospitals, Educational, Residential and Commercial Facilities through the customized programs.


Attention is given to the point where the bulk of contaminants enter a facility.

Hard Floor Care Program

A maintenance program that emphasizes routine, scheduled maintenance to extend finish life. Routine hard floor maintenance in hallways, public areas congested areas, stairways and restrooms will receive daily dust removal by either vacuuming with back-pack vacuums, dusted mop with reusable dust mops or using a sweeper (sweeper primarily for hallways.

Carpet Care Program

A maintenance program that emphasizes routine maintenance to regularly remove trapped contaminants.A customized comprehensive carpet care program consists of five elements.

Soil Containment

Scheduled frequency deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils.

Disinfection Strategy

A plan for use of disinfectants in areas only where needed.

Restroom Care

A thorough and regularly scheduled maintenance program for restrooms.Critical Touch Points require extra disinfecting procedures and we apply its GS-42 Green Seal™ certified process to make you minimize the spread of germs.

Cafeterias and Kitchens

Addressing these areas where bacteria, odors, and pests can accumulate. The highest cleaning priority is food contact surfaces and preparation areas. Next we concentrate on high priority non-food contact areas such as dining areas, lobbies, entrances, rest rooms

Trash Collection and Recycling

A protocol for collection and disposal of trash and general recycling guidelines and policies

External Glass Cleaning

Choosing access equipment in doing high rise window cleaning or external façade maintenance is determined by the height to be negotiated, complexity of the building facade, duration and extent of work, and required cleaning frequency. Suspended access equipment such as suspended cradle is a common form of access for external window cleaning and external façade maintenance for many tall buildings.

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